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It can be very difficult to look on as a family member, friend, or loved one suffers from addiction. The first urge is to assist the addict to get clean, however, those efforts frequently have the opposite effect and end up making it easier for the user to keep on abusing drugs or alcohol. Loved ones of an addict begin to understand that they aren’t helping as much as health care professional might. In these cases, it is best to stage an intervention to help the addict make a choice to get treatment.

An intervention takes place when loved ones - with the help of a professional interventionist - confront the addict directly and demand that they seek help to overcome their addiction. It is necessary because an addict often cannot understand that help is necessary. The disease of addiction blinds a person so that the addiction becomes more important than the problems associated with it. An intervention becomes vital when damage is being done and there’s no other good way to stop it. It is, in a sense, an act of love toward the addict from the people being affected by the addiction.

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