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Dangerous Toxins

After having used addictive substances for years, addicts generally have an accumulation of harmful substances (usually toxins) within their bodies. Their resistance to addictive substances liked drugs and alcohol is also dangerously elevated. Recovery is made harder because of the accumulation of substances. The substances could also have unwanted effects on the body and the brain. In fact, the reason most addicts are unable to quit on their own is because of the effects of addiction on the body and brain. The addict is caught in a vicious circle where they can’t see any way out of their situation.

Detoxification (often known as detox) is a medical procedure that eliminates the addictive substances, cleansing them from the body. Once the body is cleansed, the addict is in a much better state to recover. The body is stronger and more stable without the need for addictive substances. If an addict goes through a supervised detox program it will be a safe, clinically monitored detox procedure that is extremely successful, even for people that may be terrified of withdrawal symptoms.

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