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Why it’s Hard to Quit

It’s easy to see the harm that addiction brings both to the addicts and the people who love them. So why don’t more addicts just quit? Because addiction is a disease, not a choice. Addiction changes the body physically. The body becomes so dependent on the addictive substance that it can’t function properly without it. This is called physical dependency. The mind then follows, with the addict starting to believe that the addiction is vital to them. This is called psychological dependency, and it is difficult to treat.

Physical and psychological dependency are the main roadblocks on the road to recovery. Without addressing those issues, no detox treatment will ever be capable of ‘curing’ addicts from their addiction. This important work is what rehabilitation (rehab) facilities do. They look at each addict as an individual to best determine which treatment plans will work best for them. With qualified help, anybody - despite their financial means, age, or walk of life - can defeat their drug or alcohol addiction.

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